Hannibal is Hyper-Conceptual Video Art

This show is an oddity.

It plays with the question of what is real, what exists; while, at the same time, it shouldn’t really exist on network TV.

The show is highly conceptual, moving back and forth between the past and the present – playing with the notion of what is real even within each episode – shifting perspectives and characters through time, in order to confuse our understanding of what is actually happening.

It pits us through the tumult of what it would be like to be living a dream, or, more correctly, an ‘unreality’.

Images that seem to make no sense make sense later; things we do not understand are often only made clear in later episodes, deepening our sense of massive confusion.

It confuses through time manipulation and the perpetual question of hallucination.

It plays with reality in the most sophisticated way.

It is video art.

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