Are You Listening to Leo Kalyan?

On his latest track, the R+B magician asks the refrain repeatedly – “are you listening?”

You should be.

Leo Kalyan, through his small-but-expanding oeuvre of singles, has become widely recognised as an electronic-R+B artist with a swelteringly sultry sound and a fiercely talented ear for creating lush and sophisticated beats.

In Fingertips, he slips in and out of his smooth falsetto, posing the most honest question possible in the silkiest tone possible. It’s a song that confronts the mistakes of the past with the candidness of a present filled with a regretful remembrance.

It’s a magnificent song that has the weight of quality and contemplation, and is immediately recognisable as the artistry of a master.

I feel it in my fingertips,
In the edges of my lips,
Are you listening … are you listening to me?

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