Galavant is Suprisingly Amazing

Who would have thought – a musical sitcom set in the Middle Ages? Yet, with Broadway legends Alan Menken and Glenn Slater guiding the music and lyrics, guest spots like Ricky Gervais and Weird Al and John Stamos (playing Sir Jean Hamm) adding to the fun, an energetic and over-the-top cast of characters, and loads of modern-day in-jokes, Galavant ended up being one of the best shows of the Modern Ages.

At first blush, the show seems like it might be a minor BBC2 production, but, surprisingly, it’s on ABC, which bravely renewed the show – which, if you watch even one episode of its ingenious musical numbers, hilariously overblown characters, and rather exciting plot development – is both surprising and excellent.

In a show that’s lavish for its comedy, perhaps the most consistently funny character is Timothy Omundson’s show-stealing, ostensibly-gay, consistently-cuckolded, and utterly-clueless King Dick. Especially when he’s trying to win the heart of the viciously self-obsessed and money-hungry temptress, Madalena (beautiful Mallory Jansen), who he kidnapped, married, and yet … couldn’t quite find a use for.

*Nudge nudge wink wink.*


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