The Subversive Brilliance of Barely Famous

It’s so over-the-top LA that it could almost be real, but then you slowly realise that the Foster sisters are actually brilliant comediennes with pitch-perfect timing and a deeply perceptive subversiveness, which projects them from the realm of the standard social-climber to that of keen social-commentator.

The show was created by sisters Sara and Erin Foster who stated via a press release that “By design, the show pokes fun at the reality show genre as we play these stereotypical, delusional sisters who find themselves shooting a reality show”. Erin said that “I wanted to sell a show about fame and celebrities and wealth and vanity and Hollywood”. And, “We wanted to make a show that was light and fun, but showed the neuroses that goes on between two people filming a reality show and the strategies and manipulation behind it”.

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