Long Live Longmire

The sweeping Wyoming landscapes; the quiet moments in thought outside the sheriff’s office; the tightly-focussed energy of danger. These are the unique elements that make Longmire one of the most beautiful TV shows in existence.

After its recent demise on A&E (where it was the number one show), Longmire has been Lazarussed on Netflix, who have seen new subscribers joining in anticipation of the fourth season. Netflix is smart, we know this. Plus, they have the data to know how much people love Longmire.

And they should.

Aside from its stunning visual beauty and spectacular framing and cinematography, Longmire is a meaningful story with excellent character relationships, a slowly progressing plotline, and a fascinatingly sophisticated interaction with the realities of Native American living.

Longmire is tinged with the romance of nostalgia. He’s a man out of place, struggling to infuse his world with meaning through the principles of the past, as he rides across the seemingly untouched Wild West in a Stetson and a (Ford) Bronco, slave to an uncompromising notion of justice.

And all without a cell phone.


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