Don’t Give A F#Ck

Sure, it’s that old trope: girl tells herself that she never falls in love while everybody knows that all she ever does is fall in love.

But that’s not what makes this song.

It’s the repeated line: “I don’t don’t give a f#ck / don’t don’t don’t give a f#ck.”

Its jarring, because it’s a beguilingly soft track based on an electro beat, laced over with sultry jazzbar vocals, yet it transports you to the melodies of the 1940s: beautifully symmetrical in tone, but bitter and despondent in content.

But it’s the humorously jilted refrain — repeated ad infinitum in the style of a bored mid-century French summer fling — that gives this song its honesty, and it’s tragicomedy.

Bets is a singer/songwriter who makes indie pop rock music with a sultry retro vibe.

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