Sylvester Stallone’s Remarkable Magnanimity

Some people think him brutish.

But, at the core of all his movies is a fervent concern for social justice.

He is often a man troubled by his identity, striving to reconcile the violence of his world with the inherent decency of his heart. He takes on the responsibility of protecting those in his purview from the darkness of that world, in which he seeks singlehandedly to bring light, often using seemingly necessary methods of darkness, which plagues him like a dog at his heels.

As a man that has always to live in the gray, he is a role model for the younger men and women in his orbit, forced to use his God-given physical strength to put right a world in which nothing is black and white, in which danger and corruption threaten his sense of justice and morality.

But, his innate truth, his softness, is revealed through his tranquil self-confidence, his calm and kind advices, his willingness to let people make their own decisions. His empathy for the plight of others, even when they abuse him, is magnanimous. And the burden of love he carries in his heart is illuminating and ponderous.

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