All Hail WYLN

A couple weeks ago, WYLN released his latest in a line of all-spectacular remixes.

Bringing his deeply matured taste to Migos’ “Jumpin’ like Jordan”, WYLN creates a dominating beat that, like the whirr of a jet engine, builds to a powerful crescendo that releases into a wave of satisfying synthchill that gets the blood pumping.

The sophistication of WYLN’s production is undeniable; it’s clear on every track. Part of this is the sense of maturity he brings to the craft: while taking a definitely different direction, WYLN’s remixes respect the harmonics of the original songs, thereby creating the sort of successful sound that imbues his tracks with significant strength and massive staying power.

This is obvious on his remix of Drake’s “How About Now” from a few months ago. WYLN gives a slight kick to a song with an already awesome vibe, propelling it into an equally magnificent sound that takes us into a completely different mindframe. Retrofitting the track with a subtle uptempo+dancefloor ’90s beat, WYLN manages to create a track that is unstoppable, just like his reign — you don’t want it to end.

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