Kingsman Kills

In another frenetic fight scene from the director of Kick-Ass and First Class, Colin Firth finds himself in the middle of a hate church in the middle of America, where the villainous Sam Jackson in his equally vile hats has locked the doors and is conducting a test using a special weapon that makes everyone inside the church go feral and start killing everyone around them.

It’s a truly incredible, cinematographically dynamic, never-ending single-camera continuous fight scene where everyone in the church murders each other, all while Colin Firth tirelessly delivers one spectacular, innovative, death-dealing blow a second – with nary a crease in his double-breasted, bespoke, bulletproof suit.

Using lighters, axes, knives, guns, and fists, he moves through the crowd of people in what Mark Millar calls a James Bond/Walking Dead scene that is horrific for its brutality, ferocious for its length, and hilarious for its practical-casual + cold-blooded ingenuity.

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