There’s no Justice for the Ones who are in Love

At the core of this laid-back-Sunday-daydream track is a difficult memory for writer and lead singer Anthony Ferraro, whose coding background finds its way fairly easily into the rather rhythmic music of his band, Astronauts etc. While his falsetto is deceptively transportive, the song speaks about the tragedy of young love’s shattered illusions. But, it’s the perfect balance, and the track is cosmic.


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  1. Reblogged this on UrbanEmurge and commented:
    Every now and then it’s good to try and stray beyond the borders and boundaries that our favorite music can create around us. So here’s the band Astronauts, etc. Describing their genre as “supermelodic pulp/arena pop”, this is a mellow, unbelievably flowing and easy going piece of music that you really can’t do anything but kick back, close your eyes and chill to. Just let yourself go, and listen. Respect to If Looks Could Thrill for allowing the re blog opportunity.


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