The Romance of Poldark

Perhaps the most unexpected thing about BBC’s miniseries Poldark is how easy it is to get caught up in its romance.

Eleanor Tomlinson is captivating as the red-haired and kind-hearted Demelza. She is the sort of woman that commands respect because of an inner peace she exudes on a perpetually smiling face, despite her abusive and penurious past.

From the first, the show stirs up sentiment when Ross Poldark saves the dirty damsel Demelza from a public beating and offers her a job as his kitchen maid, setting in motion all the moments that a budding romance requires.

Demelza turns out to be a wonderful girl, full of curiosity and kindness, dedicated to her work, and loyal to her master, upon whom she lavishes her admiration, attention, and, ultimately, her undying affection.

The passion with which she portrays these emotions is difficult to ignore, as is her deep kindness, honest innocence, and her arresting beauty — all of which make it as easy for us to fall in love with her as it was for Ross Poldark.

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