Charlotte Cardin’s Magnificent Voice

The first thing you notice about Charlotte Cardin’s song ‘Big Boy’ is her voice.

The song is a slow, bass-ridden jazz tune with a pared-down precision, through whose contours Charlotte’s sultry vocals weave masterfully.

Combining the power of an ancient Cleopatra and the mystery of one of Waterhouse’s women, the Montreal songwriter varnishes her smokily seductive voice over the song, transfusing the quiet energy of careful R&B percussion with the studied meticulousness of jazz.

With unmistakable mastery, she commands the ebbs and flows of her voluptuous voice, lulling us into a world of her own making, in which she has dominion over every nuance of our experience, and in which she creates a song that mixes skill + subtlety with power + precision to weave what is a true masterpiece of minimalism.


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